Discover future full AI in the companies

Aiden AI Chat

We offer an artificial intelligence chat in the customer's user account. With this chat you can make inquiries Custom about your services at Aiden and enjoy a personal assistant.

AI Reviews

Thanks to new AidenAI technology, customers can now embed a new AI-powered review of their existing reviews on their web pages. AidenAI does a summary in vido of all the reviews of the web. is a new platform powered by Aiden where creators can unleash their art. Thanks to our tool, they will be able to create AI-powered images and content to boost their profile

AI in the company

To ensure efficient and fast operation of our processes, our employees use AI-based tools on a daily basis, for technical support and advice for our customers.

We integrate into your project your own AI

If you want to offer an artificial intelligence tool in your business you can contact our integration team at and we will give you the best advice for your project