Help eliminate carbon dioxide while your company grows

The truly innovative services are those that leave no trace

With Aiden Climate and in just a few clicks, you can allocate a part of your income to the development of technologies that eliminate carbon dioxide. Join the efforts of a growing group of companies that aspire to reduce the carbon footprint of the planet.

Funds cutting-edge technologies to remove CO₂

Choose your percentage

You yourself choose the percentage you want to donate from your earnings

100% of your contribution

All of your contribution is allocated to scientific research

Inform of your commitment

Inform your customers about your commitment in invoices and checkout

global commitment

Join the thousands of companies that are part of climate

The pioneers can change the course of technology to delete carbon dioxide

Early adopters can help reduce costs and increase volume of new carbon dioxide removal technologies. Manufacturing experience and learning curves have repeatedly shown that implementation and expansion are sources of improvement, a phenomenon seen in DNA sequencing, hard drive capacity, and solar panels.

Services that do much more

And they don't wear out the planet

We use technologies that impact you 🇧🇷

We leave the planet alone 🌏

say hello to AidenPay say goodbye to paper

With AidenPay, we promote online payments, not only in online stores, but in physical stores. It's time to say goodbye to unnecessary paper receipts

The badge is not just a logo, it is something more

We work with the largest provider of payment technologies to collect resources that really help the planet

In collaboration with stripe

100% carbon neutral

Our corporate operations are already carbon neutral. Our company not only does not affect the environment, but also helps it to improve


We optimize our infrastructure for save energy

Through the use of efficient data center infrastructures, we reduce energy losses in the company. With the optimization of technological systems, such as virtualization and the use of containers, we maximize the use of energy per unit for our clients.

services for fans of the planet

Our users live an ecofriendly experience in Aiden. We keep our clients up to date on our achievements

we use transportation sustainable financing model

Our team moves in sustainable transport. We work with companies in the sector to make this possible and accessible


How to start contributing?

Climate is available in any online sales web pack. Contact your advisor to activate your commitment and show it to your clients. If you still do not have a website in Aiden visit our plans here