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What does “we create your website” include?

We create from scratch a website adapted to your company and services. We create the web design with the corporate colors of your business and the online ordering platform, where your customers can buy your products. 

Does Aiden Technologies manage my website? 

From the time of contracting, Aiden Technologies will manage the entire web space to guarantee the greatest profitability and management thereof, with the exception of the "payments" section, which will be managed directly by the contrasting company through its user area.

Do the detailed payments at the top include the entire service?

Yes, the detailed payments fully include the entire service, from web creation to its maintenance and management. 

What happens when I buy a pack?

Once you hire a pack, our team will contact you to ask about your business needs and thus be able to adapt them on a website. Once everything is clarified, they will get to work and within a period of between 20 and 25 days your online business will be enabled and launched.

Do I have a commitment to stay?

No, you can cancel your pack whenever you want and without penalty. Only the Business Pack includes a stay of 12 months. Your advisor will notify you if you finally decide to hire this pack

 How do I receive payments from my clients?

Your customer payments are accumulated on a secure online platform called Stripe. These funds may be withdrawn at any time and without limitations. At no time will Aiden Technologies have access to your company's transactions nor will it be able to operate without your express authorization.

* Consult terms and conditions depending on each pack


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